Breathing Exercises for Singing

There are breathing exercises for singing that are definitely better than other ones out there. And these have a lot of benefits. It is important that you know how to sing from your diaphragm. The diaphragm is located just below the ribs and it separates a lot of the intestines. The diaphragm and stomach does not intake any air, the lungs do.

When your lungs take in air, the diaphragm descends and opens up a cavity so that your lungs can expand to take in the air that you need. Breathing exercises for singing and speaking are totally opposite. It is not enough that you just breathe to stay alive. Mostly when we are speaking, we only take shallow breaths. The chest is raised and lowered.

We are supposed to breathe in a way that the chest stays as it is. It should not be raised or lowered. When you breathe in, the expanding takes place on the side below your ribs expanding as well as the stomach. The chest must remain where it is and must not fall while you exhale.

Breathing Exercises for Singing - Tips to Memorize

Proper posture must be maintained for belly breathing and diaphragm breathing. The alignment of your head, neck and shoulders is also important. When singing, it is vital that you take complete breaths and not just short chest breaths. When you are singing you want to let it go and let your chest cave in so that the diaphragm keeps up. When you keep your chest up and keep it there, then your diaphragm will ascend for as long as you want it to.

Singing does not require a ton of air so you won’t really need to tank up. You just need a complete breath so that it is paced when it comes out. When we were still babies, we know how to breathe correctly. Their chest expands when they breathe in and contracts when they breathe out. You have to make proper breathing exercises a habit especially if you notice that you aren’t doing it correctly when you are singing.

There are a couple of exercises that help you connect your breath. Start by standing up and breathe in so that you can feel the sides of your stomach expanding. When you breathe out, you will feel that it is contracting. An effective breathing exercise is done by getting the vowels and adding the “h” sound before them. It’s basically just saying “hay”, “he”, “hi”, “ho” and “hu”. You can do it for 30 seconds daily to practice connecting your breath to your singing.

Breathing exercises for singing - proper posture, complete breaths, diaphragm

Proper breathing and doing it from your diaphragm are the two most important things when it comes to singing. Everything that comes along with singing is based on proper breath management system. The different scales, high notes and vocal agility boils down to proper breathing.

I hope that this article provided you with great information about breathing exercises for singing and a bunch of tips and tricks that can help launch your singing career.


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